sharing links with friends

Mento is for sharing links with friends: Smarter than email overload, more permanent than IM, and always just one click away.Mento is a button for your browser and a place for saving your shared links.
Send links to any email address, Facebook friends and Twitter contacts,and use groups and tags for exchanging links with more people.Mento works best with Firefox and certainly supports Safari and Internet Explorer, too.Mento tells you when friends clicked on your links and gave you feedback ... because sharing a link is only the start of a conversation.No more asking "Did you see the link I sent last week?"
Instead you'll say: "That was a great video, wasn't it?" Only you can see the clicks on your links; and only your friends can see when you clicked theirs. That means: No one can see that you clicked a link except for your friend who posted it.

10 tweaks to make Windows 7 even better

1: Get Quick Launch back

I liked the new Windows 7 taskbar a lot — but something was missing. Yes, you can pin programs to the Start menu now, and I do. But I also liked the Quick Launch bar, where I could put icons for programs I use a little less frequently but often enough that I don’t want to have to open the Start menu to get to them. Quick Launch is missing in Windows 7, but there is a way to bring it back. You’ll find step by step instructions with screenshots in this tutorial.
Once you have the Quick Launch bar on your taskbar, you can drag programs to it as you did in Vista. See my Quick Launch bar in Figure A, on the right side of the taskbar next to the notification area.

Google may not support for IE6

Google has begun to phase out support for Internet Explorer 6, the browser identified as the weak link in a cyber attack on the search engine.
The firm said from 1 March some of its services, such as Google Docs, would not work "properly" with the browser.
It recommended individuals and firms upgrade "as soon as possible".
Google threatened to withdraw from the Chinese market following the "sophisticated and targeted" attacks, which it said originated in China.
Hackers used a flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browser to target the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.

Tips for SEO Optimization?

Step 1: Figure out what keywords you want to optimize for.
It is important to figure out which keywords to optimize for before you begin your SEO optimization efforts. You will want to pick out two or three keyword phrases that you want your website to rank high for. You can find great keywords by using Google AdWords: Keyword Tool. Just search Google for google keyword tool and enter in the keywords that you are thinking about optimizing for and this program will show you the previous months search volume for those specific keywords. This SEO tool will even provide you with alternative synonymous keywords that you can choose from. I recommend choosing a keyword phrase that has had at least 10,000 searches in the last month. I know you may be thinking why not optimize for the